PMC - Project Management Services

A) Scope of Work during Bidding Stage for large scale tender projects / For Captive / third party projects, during preliminary assessment.

Engineering during Pre-Bid Stage:
  • Study and Review of “Request for Selection” and other tender documents.
  • Review of key points and conditions.
  • Solar resource assessment at site location.
  • Site selection and site visits.
  • Basic layouts and single line diagrams.
  • Bill of Material and assistance with Budgetary quote inquiries.
  • Cost estimation and budgetary quotations review.
  • Energy yield analysis and typical loss estimations.
  • Technology comparisons and assessments.
  • Design basis reports.
  • Applicable Grid Code review.
  • Basic financial details.
Typical Site Studies:
  • Hydrological Assessment and soil testing.
  • Topography Survey and contour mapping.
  • Ground water testing and location spotting.
  • Any other Geological surveys (if required.)
Site Infrastructure Planning:
  • Boundary wall / Fencing, options.
  • Drainage system design and layout.
  • Plant internal roads design.
  • Water management for drinking, module cleaning and regular usage.
  • Plant buildings design like office, living quarters for plant workforce, security cabin, inverter rooms, etc. as need be.
  • Internet and security systems design.
  • Tentative locations of important electrical equipment and components.
  • Equipment foundations design.

B) Engineering Stage Scope of Work

Electrical Detailing:
  • Solar PV modules selection and DC side layout design.
  • Plant DC cables and components selection up to Inverters.
  • Inverter selection and location layout.
  • AC side system design and equipment selection up to plant metering.
  • Power system studies for the solar power plant.
  • Capacity finalization and detailed component/equipment specifications.
  • Communication systems, online monitoring and weather station system planning.
  • Earthing and Lightening protection design.
  • Assistance with vendor selection for critical components.
Plant Layouts and Drawings:
  • Preparation of single line diagram, plant layout, earthing schematic, etc. as per the requirement of local regulatory guidelines.
  • Working drawings as required at various stages of plant execution.
  • Preparation of engineering drawings sets as required by regulatory bodies.

C) Project Execution Stage Scope of Work

Quality Assurance Services:
  • Factory inspection and pre-dispatch inspection of selected critical equipment / components.
  • Verification and review of drawings submitted by vendors for drawing approvals.
  • Discussions with selected EPC contractor or Installer for engineering best practices.
  • Suggestions for improvements in site activities for speedier and better-quality plant installation including safety standards.
  • Site visits to review site activities as mutually agreed with client.
  • Review of installation and construction activities as per tender documents or client requirement.
Regulatory Liaison:
  • Assistance with regulatory proceedings like plant application, drawing approvals, plant charging approval, connectivity agreement, etc.
  • Technical discussions with regulatory bodies on behalf of client.
Installation & Commissioning support:
  • Coordination between vendor, contractor and client during installation.
  • Coordination with site installation team for material transport and delivery.
  • Review of Pre-commissioning tests performed on all critical electrical components before plant commissioning.
  • Coordination with multiple government agencies for plant commissioning planning.
  • Coordination with vendors for setting up electrical parameters and boundary values for proper functioning of the plant.
  • Plant commissioning and initial running condition data assessment for performance review.
  • Detailed project report and compilation of plant related documentation.