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Oh again that huge electric bill! Do you face the same issues each time when you see your bill? Want your electric bills to lower down? Are thinking about going solar? Then, Madhav Technologies is the answer to all your questions! We can help you save your money and energy using the most renewable able of energy (often underestimated) ‘SUN’.We proudly engineer & assemble high-quality residential and commercial solar systems Gujarat. We always knuckle down to illuminate you green future..

Meanwhile, we all are aware thatday by day world is facing extinction issues like global warming and rising sea water levels and hence, it is right time for us to move towards a more abundant and easily available energy source. Our company believes in the power of sun and are always keen to offer better energy options to sort of your living. We cater solutions that are best suited to meet your specific energy requirements.

With our ground-breaking solar technology, we ensure that you can actually see the difference. Our commercial and residential solar panel Gujarat are made only of the very best products available on the market that will not help you to cut short your energy bill, but to save the environment as well.

Our team of experts and experience people guarantee you a complete peace of mind.We can provide service anywhere in Gujarat. We are doing our best to change the opinions of homeowners, and business-owners alike to get more solar rooftop system Gujarat.


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No matter what your motivation, rest assured that with our solar system, you've made the right choice.

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Why Invest in Solar Power?

Going solar will definitely reduce your electricity bills and you will save a lot of money. Whether you’re a homeowner, business, or any other organisation, high utility bills is always an issue. With a clean and reusable source of energy - sun you can save a lot. A best quality solar system has a life of 25 years or more, which means after the initial 3-5 years, all the power generated from the modules for 20-22 years is free, except for minor maintenance costs.


Having a solar panel Gujarat system is surely a low-maintenance addition. They are designed using electronic and static devices. Our experts design a system in such a way that you will gain most out of it. Our robust design will make the panels last for 25 years with only cleaning and washing applications.


We are using the most cleanly, pure and reusable form of energy – ‘The Sun’, which is almost free of cost also. The solar panels we offer are designed to endure the Indian conditions without weakening. Whether this is the summer time or the harsh winters, your solar energy system will work out in every situation. With minimum efforts, this energy can be accessed, and that too from most parts of the world throughout the year.


We have designed the entire solar power system like a modular power generating energy source. So, if one of the solar modules is faulty, or one of the inverters isn’t functioning properly, it usually doesn’t affect the entire plant. Our expert maintenance team will replace or repair the faulty component in an efficient way.

About Us

Madhav Technologies is a Gujarat based company offering customised rooftop and ground mount solar system to wide range of customers including - homeowners, businesses, estates/farms, schools/college, hospitals, and small and medium scale industries. We have been in this field now for more than 15 years and have an experience of installing over 100MW working on solar power plant in Gujarat. We have group of knowledgeable and skilled staff, passionate about electrical power generation plants, using solar energy as the primary source.

Our Environmental Mission:

Our mission is to empower communities to adopt green solar power Gujarat solutions designed at reducing our environmental impact. The entire solar solution is designed keeping the health of our planet in mind. We have very high customer standards. Our environmental practices includes mission – ‘Power’ –

Company “POWER” Mission:

  • P – Passion for Engineering
  • O – Observant to Client needs
  • W – Watchful towards Market trends
  • E – Efficient Power System Design and Planning
  • R – Responsible Service Provider

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Confidence start with the top expertise– when you invest in ourresidential solar panel Gujarat, you can be rest assured that you will surely get good output for your investment.We have the most efficient and reliable solar panel installation service with better pricing. We understand what a house owner needs and thus cater our services accordingly.


Business future never looked so much brighter!! Our commercial solar panel Gujarat will never let you down. With over 15 year of experience in this industry, we have been offering better efficiency and greater returns to our commercial customer. Discuss your needs with us today and get better energy saving options today.


Our team of top-notch expertise engineers would to do proper study of your layout and come with anapt solution for commercial solar systems Gujaratinstallation.


We very well understand that educational institutions and hospitals have different requirements and our planning and solutions are catered in different way. Our expert will visit you to discuss your energy consumption needs and then act smartly. Give us a call now- 8200063887 for more details and information.


We are keen to help small and medium scale industries to minimize up-front project costs while providing better performance and consistency. With our ground breaking technology solar solutions you can become autonomous in power usage.